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Remember, you absolutely need an SEO to exist in the best and most effective way in the digital world.

With SEO service, which is the most effective tool of digital marketing, we enable your brand, institution or organization to rank higher, on the first page or in the first place in search engines. Seo starts with the idea of the website and is applied throughout the design of the website. The reason why marketing tools are the most effective is not only because they are affordable, but also because they provide more visibility in search engines, but also because of their contribution to brand awareness, it is an effective method of marketing communication.

What are SEO Services?

SEO Strategy

Seo Strategy includes multiple plans such as constructing, summarizing and implementing the content of search engine focused work.
In order to increase the rate of organic traffic on the site, plans are made to improve the site's position in search engines.
SEO strategy ensures that your site reaches your target audience in the most effective way by using methods such as determining keywords.

On-Site SEO

It is the SEO work done in order to make every detail on your website compatible with search engines. All content is examined one by one, keywords that will increase organic traffic in order to rank high in search engines are determined and website details are analyzed. As a result of detailed on-site SEO work, your organic traffic increase and customer potential increases.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are words or phrases that contain what your content describes, which determines the target audience of your website. Thanks to keywords, search engines highlight your website within the words that users search for. Keyword analysis determines which words your target audience uses most related to your industry, topic and content. Having reached the determined words will guide you in the formation of words and phrases that will or will appear on your website. In this way, the contents of your website are created with the right keywords.

Off-Site SEO

It is the work that determines your place on the search engine results page in areas other than your website. Off-site SEO is done with external links to other reliable sites preferred by your target audience. Users directed to your website from these links contribute to search engine optimization.

Local SEO Service

In local SEO service, which is a whole work that covers your region, it is aimed to analyze your competitors and pass them in search engines. The main goal is to provide a traffic rate that is above the traffic rate that your competitors get.

E-Commer SEO Service

E-Commerce SEO service is an SEO study that aims to reach more potential customers and generate more sales. It allows your website to rank higher in search engines for related brands, product areas or product searches.

National SEO

This is a SEO service that allows your website to be on the first page of organic search results with the most effective keywords to be determined in the country where you are located.

International SEO

It is a multilingual SEO study applied for brands that want to increase their market share in the global arena and want to reach their potential target audience from different countries and speaking different languages. With the keyword study prepared by paying attention to country-specific dynamics, it is ensured that your website is moved to the top ranks.

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