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Custom Software

For a special and unique website for your brand…

Thanks to the web-based software we create for our brands, an infrastructure that does not have security gaps and follows the latest technology is created. At this point, our brands tell us about their dream website at length. As Thebeesoftware team, we create programs or software that run smoothly through Web-based browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome without using ready-made code.

What are the Advantages of Web Based Software?

Thanks to the Internet network system, information can be accessed anytime, anywhere in web-based software compared to desktop software.
Web-based software runs smoothly.
Compared to desktop programs, web-based software is easier to maintain and develop.
It is easy to update information from a single center.
There is no need for separate installation or download for each user.
Thanks to its responsive feature, it is also compatible with mobile devices.
Issues such as security measures and security monitoring are done by the software provider in web-based software.
Updates are made automatically.
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